We take your privacy seriously

Savi Finance is committed to ensuring your financial planning is backed by solid security practices. Let's talk about how we keep your data safe.

Should you have any concerns or if you want your account and data to be deleted, please contact us at

1. Encryption: Secure Data, Always

Advanced encryption

Your data, whether being sent or stored, is encrypted using advanced encryption algorithms - one of the most secure methods available. This technology scrambles your data so that it can only be read by the intended recipient, keeping your financial information private.

2. Data Security: Keeping Your Info Safe

What We're Doing Behind the Scenes

We continuously monitor our systems and conduct regular audits to protect your data from threats. This means your personal and financial information is safeguarded using the latest and most reliable data protection technologies available.

3. Plaid API: A Safe Link to Your Financial Institutions

Your Credentials: Unstored and Unseen by Savi Finance

With Plaid's API, your financial data is accessed securely without storing your credentials. In simple terms, Plaid creates a secure pathway between Savi Finance and your financial institutions without revealing your sensitive login details to us. And, they keep a strict cyber security policy to manage risk and swiftly respond to any security incidents.

Visit Plaid's website for detailed information on their security practices:

4. Privacy Policy: Your Data, Your Rules

Simple and effective privacy policy

Your data belongs to you - period. Our policy ensures transparency and gives you control over your data. We won't share your data with any third party without clear consent from you. And, you'll always have options to manage, move, or erase your data whenever you choose. Some data points will be anonymized and used to construct statistical distributions. Your data will never be shared in whole or with any identifying metadata.

5. Mobile security

Biometric security for iOS and Android

Our optional App Lock feature allows you to use biometric data (Finger print, Face ID) to lock the app and prevent anyone from viewing your financail data if they take control of your device. An extra layer of security to ensure peace of mind.

Need More Info on Savi Finance Security?

Your secure financial planning is paramount at Savi Finance. Should you need more details or have queries about our security practices, our support team is ready to assist. Contact us at